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Celebrant History

Kelly Joy has been a marriage celebrant since 2011 and a Magnetic Island Resident since 2001.

I am very much in love with Magnetic Island. I first started a business as a wedding co-ordinator and eventually it just made sense to move over to become a celebrant as it fit my personality so well and I had so much experience as a public speaker. I feel really comfortable in front of an audience.

I’m from Melbourne originally, I moved to North Queensland in 2001 and love it so much, I never want to leave.

I chose the name Eronda Ceremonies because Eronda is a very rare love herb only found in Greece on the island of Crete. It was used by the ancient Greeks in love potions. I just loved the magic and mystery in that.

I’ve always been a true romantic, I was teased about it when I was in high school, but it’s just always been part of me, it’s who I am and I can’t change that. That’s why I love weddings.

Being involved in theatre for many years as well as working on radio as a DJ it really helped me to achieve a clear speaking voice, good diction and also good projection. And I’m also a singer so I have developed strong microphone techniques.

If you had asked me as a teenager what my favourite things were I would have said writing and being on stage. But I was also pretty consumed by love and romance. I feel that I have found a way to combine all those passions in my life, by becoming a celebrant.

I’m quite relaxed and easy going, and I like to keep things simple. I think people really appreciate that. There can be a lot of stress involved in a wedding so I try to make sure that creating the ceremony is completely easy and stress free.

Being part of someone’s wedding day is such an incredible experience, I am truly honoured every time. I love every single thing about what I do.

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