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Weddings on The Strand Townsville

It was my pleasure to marry Vonnie and Adrian on The Strand in Townsville on May 30th 2015. This lovely couple had been planning their wedding with me for well over a year. I also wore purple and black to match in with their wedding colours which were used in every detail, and many guests commented on how lovely it was that I matched in with their chosen colours. The couple wanted a short and sweet ceremony without too much fuss. Their cute little 2 year old son was mentioned several times in the ceremony and I also spoke about the story of the couple knowing all along since they met five years ago that this day would eventually become a reality. I wish Vonnie and Adrian many years of happiness and love, and a growing family that is blessed with good health. Thank you both for making me part of your special day. The Strand is just such a beautiful place for a wedding, and Picnic Bay Surf Lifesaving Club did a really lovely job of setting up with the feature colour highlighted to set the scene beautifully.

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