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Marriage equality on Magnetic Island

Only a few months after the Marriage Act 1961 was amended to allow for same sex marriage, my first gay couple came to be married in paradise. What a lead up it was, after getting the call from Luke before the legislation was passed in Parliament. He was more confident than me, that it would take no time at all for legal weddings between same sex couples to be able to take place. I was expecting a few months for it to come into law, but everything was already prepared in expectation of the result. It was December 7th when Parliament voted in the amendment, from two days later on December 9th, couples could give their Notice of Intended Marriage form to a celebrantm giving 30 days notice. Matthew and Luke were realistic about their need for four months to plan the event, a destination wedding on Magnetic Island.

Their family and friends were excited along with them, for the trip to a tropical island and for the very special moment that these two tied the knot. They admitted at the rehearsal that their kiss at the wedding, when it was announced that they were married in the eyes of the law, would be the first time they had kissed in front of everyone. At the rehearsal they were almost overcome with the support friends and family gave them as the nerves of the big day set in. It was overwhelming to see the love and acceptance between everyone that came to celebrate with Matt and Luke.

I enjoyed every moment of the wedding planning, the endless telephone calls from Luke that began, 'sorry to bother you Kelly, but I just wanted to ask a quick question' and following with a good 15 minute chat which I always thoroughly enjoyed. Luke's character was easy to adore, with his excitement about the big day. His desire to make it a memorable event for every beloved friend and family member, was infectious. I think it became such a fun thing for everyone to see Luke behaving as 'the bride' with all his fussing. It was such an endearing quality in Luke and I could see why he and Matthew had such a lovely ten year history, which I fully expect will last forever. A perfect young couple, who ended up making it into the Townsville Bulletin as well as the Magnetic Island Community News, as the first gay partners to be married here. Congratulations Luke and Matthew, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and strongly believe it will be filled with fun and laughter.

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