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Magnetic Island is shining

Yes we have had two weeks of rain and it had a devastating effect on Townsville, with thousands of homes being flooded. The rain has had it's effect on Magnetic Island too, with most homes experiencing mould from having two weeks of wet darkness and very high humidity, whilst some homes did have rain entering the property, and many roads are badly damaged due to the earth swelling with water. Some trees have also come down, but now Magnetic Island looks greener and happier than ever. The creeks are flowing, waterfalls making their short appearance for the end of summer. No doubt the mozzies and biting flies will be annoying for the next few weeks. But soon the island will flourish as tourists return and the sunshine we are famous for has dried us all out. Please consider Magnetic Island for your marriage ceremony, the most unique island in all of Australia, with many, many options to make your wedding unique. Take a look at the links page for more on what we have to offer. Thanks to Melisa May for sharing this wonderful image of Alma Bay.

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