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Seagulls Resort Townsville wedding

On Sat 30th August it was my great pleasure to marry Glen and Olga in Townsville at the lovely Seagulls Resort in Belgian Gardens.

The theme colours of red and white were used throughout the setting. What was most beautiful was the gorgeous candle that Olga had for the candle ceremony. It was adorned with jewels and simply sparkled. My photograph really doesn't do it justice at all.

It was so lovely to be under the rotunda in front of a wonderful setting, the chairs with white covers and red ribbons around them, the red carpet where Olga was brought down the aisle accompanied by her father who only spoke Russian. I asked him if he gives this woman to be married to this man, Da or Nyet? Of course he said Da and the wedding was simply beautiful, such a stunning bride and what a lucky man Glen is with an exotic Russian lady by his side.

I just loved hearing some of the wedding guests speaking in Russian to each other, too. It really is an intriguing language.

I wish Glen and Olga every happiness together and thank them for the privelege of being their celebrant

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