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Marriage equality is finally a reality

The debate dragged on for years and although it became clear that a move towards marriage equality was necessary in Australia, the politicians dragged their feet. Millions was spent with a postal vote, such a waste, but in the end the people won, with 60/40 win for marriage equality. It is just about moving with the times, in my opinion. I am happy to say that during my lifetime I have seen such a wonderful shift in the acceptance of what is considered normal. Yes, it is ok for a man to love another man, or a woman to love another woman. Science has proven that it is part of the genetic makeup of a person's brain whether they are heterosexual, homosexual or somewhere in between. So it is about time that Australian law reflected that it is any person's right to get married if they love someone, regardless of the sex of that person. I must say I don't like labels and don't want to be considered as a heterosexual celebrant. I think that who I do or don't have sex with doesn't affect my ability to do my job with dignity and grace. I certainly accept all my gay friends as normal and indeed I do have many. Just as Magda says, look around, someone in your family is gay, it's just the way it is. I couldn't be happier to celebrate this milestone in the law of Australia. I know my daughter will always remember the day that the YES vote won, even long after I am gone. Here's to a modern Australia, where everyone who loves someone can be married to them and swear their undying love, to the exclusion of all others, for life. Because love is universal.

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