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A very private day with just one special guest. Woof!

It was such a private and special ceremony with Michelle and Renee who escaped to Magnetic Island to elope. They made the trip from Fern Bay, near Newcastle, with their little dog Shiloh, who loves nobody else but them. Shiloh arrived in a pram and watched the wedding along with Ben Vernon, guitarist, with images captured by MaryAnne Law. The lovely brides have been together for seventeen years and when marriage equality came about their friends started asking when they would tie the knot? It wasn't something they wanted to make a big fuss over, however. A private ceremony just for them on the beach somewhere warm was the vision, and they made it a reality by escaping to Magnetic Island for a holiday honeymoon wedding experience. After 17 years together to be able to now say they are married is a dream come true for these two. They know it will be a lifetime commitment and have known that for so long, which made it all the more awesome to be able to pronounce these two as each other's wife and partner for life. Shiloh seemed pretty happy about it too! Married on the grass at Picnic Bay, it was the perfect day to begin happily ever after.

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