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How to still have a wedding in 2020

We went into lockdown and suddenly the dream of a wonderful wedding with all your family and friends has vanished. But don't despair, there are still ways to have the wedding of your dreams. The government restrictions may have interrupted the dreams you had of a perfect wedding day with all your loved ones, but all is not lost. Brides and grooms all over Australia are coming up with unique ways to still have their wedding day, their way. Many couples have decided to go with the two wedding option, having their ceremony on the planned date with just two witnesses, then doing it all again in a year. Although it's a bit more expensive, the fun of having your special occasion doubled can make it really worthwhile.

Yes why not have two weddings! You can renew your vows a year later for just $350 or $400 with a renewal certificate signing included. There are so many new ways to work with a wedding when it becomes a vow renewal and it is lovely that all the pressure is taken away from the day. You get to wear the dress twice and also have two lots of pictures done, if you want to. Some couples want to go even bigger whilst others want to come down a little smaller for the second wedding. So you can choose to have a lunch reception or something where everyone pays for their own drinks, for example. You can really bend all the rules, make it a whole day of fun, going from one location to the next, hiring a bus for a couple of hours or just getting the guests to choose which location they want to party at. There's lots of ways to change up the two events to make both into wonderful occasions. Some want to have the first ceremony really small, no photographer or hair and makeup, and save all that for the second wedding day. Lots are choosing to have a small beach or backyard ceremony and then the second ceremony at a reception venue a year later.

You can keep to your original date and only have the allowed amount of guests, as per the government's latest rules. Then plan for a second bigger wedding celebration a year in advance, and do the wedding all over again for lots of guests and have a big party afterwards. This option does cost a bit more, but it allows you to have the date you had planned on and the officials are all done and dusted, which does take a little bit of pressure off. Then when you have your second wedding in 2021, it is a little less stressful. You can also do away with the whole signing thing if you like, but you can exchange the same rings and say the same vows. Most couples just use the same rings and we change 'take' this ring for 'keep' or 'continue to wear' this ring in the ring promises. Only a few words need to be added here and there to recreate your wedding ceremony as a vow renewal for one year down the track.

If you want to save the cost of having the celebrant twice there is always the option of using a videographer at the small ceremony and then playing it on a big screen at the party later. Many couples like the idea of reliving the day and celebrating it, but not getting all the hair and makeup and outfits done again.

Sometimes a little extra patience is needed, sometimes a little extra money too. That isn't always great in a time of crisis. So, what if you need to postpone your wedding date? I offer all my clients the choice to have their wedding in 2021 with a very minimal increase in the fee. Only weddings after March 2021 will incur the extra $50 fee and it isn't payable until the week before the wedding. Whatever you decide to do about your special day, remember it will always be special for you no matter what date it happens on. Meanwhile, remember to treasure each other and the time you have together. Stay safe, treasure love, and enjoy the extra time to spend at home. Many blessings, Kelly

getting married with just two witnesses

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